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Competitive prices that are long term, sustainable and stable

We offer a free Cost Audit service that analyses every area of your spend, and highlights all the products where we can save you money.

We always supply like-for-like quality, and our aim is always to cut your costs across everything you buy from us – not just on the key lines on your Contract or Core List.

Our pricing is stable, which means you get the same competitive pricing on your non-contract items as those you order regularly, and we guarantee to hold every price we give you for at least 2 years.

This gives you long term sustainability and the ability to plan budgets long into the future, and helps us to forge long lasting relationships with your company based on trust, honesty, stability and forward thinking.

Our average saving for new clients in 2014 was just over 26% per Cost Audit. That’s over a quarter of their spend on Office Supplies saved. What would your company do with that money?

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