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Waste Collection Services

We now offer a wide range of solutions to help your office dispose of all of your waste material in the right way, avoiding costly contamination.

Commercial waste contamination occurs when materials are sorted into the wrong bin – for example placing a glass bottle into a mixed paper recycling bin, and common types of contamination include

Solid – incorrect materials such as Cardboard placed in the General Waste bin

Liquid – food and liquid can easily spoil large amounts of otherwise recyclable material

Hazardous - containers for paint, oily rags, or batteries must be disposed of separately in specialized containers and cannot be mixed

Some easy ways to ensure you segregate your waste correctly in your office are to:

  1. Review and classify the different types of waste produced on site
  2. Ensure there are appropriate external containers for the individual waste streams to avoid contamination
  3. Provide clear and sufficient signage for each bin
  4. Carry out regular team talks and create an engagement plan
  5. Provide designated internal recycling stations throughout the office areas
  6. Introduce food waste containers in canteen or kitchen areas (where possible

We now provide a wide variety of waste and collection services to ensure that whatever your office needs are, we can help.

We can collect everything from kitchen bin waste (known as wet waste) to your paper, card and kitchen reclycing such as plastic and tins (known as dry waste) as well as your confidential waste documents for secure shredding.

We offer very competitive rates and excellent levels of service, so if you have found your current provider has increase dtheir prices, or has been merged with a larger provider that just doesn't provide the same level of customer service, then we can help!

We can provide a better alternative for all your secure shredding services, including hard drive shredding, disposal of confidential information and recycling. We place great emphasis on your company and employee security, data protection compliance and outstanding customer service.

We will work with you to tailor a cost-effective data destruction service based on usage and accurate weight, enabling optimal scheduling which could save you up to 50% on annual data destruction expenditure.             

Onsite Shredding
Mobile shredding when and where you need it of paper, hard drives and branded material

Offsite Shredding
Removal of confidential paper, data and IT assets and secure shredding at a local depot

All shredded paper and hard drive material is recycled enabling customers to save trees and off-set carbon

On-site or mobile shredding involves a secure shredding truck coming to your premises, which means paper or hard drives will be shredded right in front of you. It’s quick, discreet and very secure.

It gives you peace of mind, knowing that your confidential material has been destroyed – confirmed by a certificate of destruction given to you there and then. It also verifies a complete chain of custody from point of collection, removal to parked mobile shredding truck, document destruction and recycling.

Key points

  • Standard 16mm down to 4mm shredding
  • Secure shredding service to BS EN 15713
  • Accreditation to ISO 9001
  • Uniformed security staff attend on agreed day
  • All material is weighed, enabling an accurate recycling record
  • Pre-8AM, working day, after work and weekend options
  • National coverage from 20 regional depots (to office or home)


Hard Drive Shredding

As with paper documents, guidelines for data protection breaches apply to hard drives, USBs, laptops and any electronic device that stores information. Remember, if you are updating technology or disposing of IT assets, not securely destroying hard drives beyond their use could leave you and your customers vulnerable.

We shred (rather than punch holes) for maximum security the following items;

  • Hard drives
  • Flash / USB drives
  • Photocopier and printer memory cards
  • Laptops and tablets

IT Asset Recycling

We collect and strip IT assets including monitors, PCs and shred hard drives and memory cards before recycling all components.

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