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Taking the hassle out of printing

What is it?

A Managed Print Service or MPS is very much the 'en-vogue' term or offering in the print industry. Unfortunately for end users this has led to there being many different interpretations of MPS; very rarely will two different providers offer exactly the same experience to a client.

The role of an MPS provider is to take away the management of toner supply and replacement, servicing of the equipment, fleet management, meter readings, consolidated billing, comprehensive management reporting and the collection and recycling of the device at the end of its useful life.

How does it help you?

By pulling all the print-related equipment around your business together and managing it as one consolidated infrastructure, you should expect to reduce the total number of devices you need.

This consolidation is also an opportunity for you to control how the equipment is used, and drive your total document volumes down.

A fully managed infrastructure will deliver increased resilience and security with reduced waste and environmental impact and your new print infrastructure can be used to digitise and automate your paper workflows which will drive up efficiency and staff productivity. In fact, our clients consistently tell us how our pro-active servicing has slashed the number of calls their IT Service desks receive, freeing up valuable skilled staff to redeploy on value-added projects elsewhere in-house.

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