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Printer Toner Recycling

Cut Landfill. Cut Waste.

What we believe in

We offer a fast, free, no-hassle toner cartridge recycling service where we collect all your empty, used cartridges and send them to a specialist recycling plant.

By recycling your toner cartridges you will be helping to divert thousands of tonnes of landfill each year, and contributing towards protecting our precious countryside - the casing of ink and toner cartridges can take 1000 years to fully decompose in a landfill.

The annual statistics are shocking...

65 million printer cartridges are sold in the UK
It's estimated that only 15% of are reused or recycled
So only 9.75 million cartridges go onto be used again
The remaining 55 million cartridges end up in landfill

According to the government, the UK generates almost 230m of toners & ink cartridge of waste every year, causing a huge impact on our environment and costing business across the UK an increasing amount of money.In order to reduce the amount of waste we produce, the government is moving towards a ‘zero-waste and circular economy’, meaning that it will soon be compulsory to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Here at Coast to Coast we are committed to helping our customers become as green as possible by managing their waste and reducing their carbon footprint. One simple way we can do this is by ensuring we prevent your used ink and toner cartridges from entering into landfill, by collecting then and recycling for you, ensuring that all the parts are broken down and reused rather than sent to the bin.

Coast To Coast Direct

How can we help?

As we believe everyone has a responsibility towards the environment, we operate a free and uncomplicated ink and toner cartridge collection service to help you cut your businesses CO2 emissions whether you have just one, or hundreds of units, we will work with you to dispose of these in a responsible manner.

Our recycling partner collects over 800,000 ink and toner cartridges every month. Over 85% of what’s collected is remanufactured in the UK to provide cost effective alternative products, just like some products within our 5 Star range. Less than 1% of all items collected cannot be remanufactured or recycled due to damage or defect, so these will be broken down and used to make new life products, offering a full closed loop solution.

The service is free for all of our customers, so please contact us on 01903 236863 to register your company for our toner cartridge recycling service. We can send you empty boxes to put the used toners into, or you can use your own boxes – whichever is easier for you.
When the box or boxes are full up, make sure they are taped secure and let us know how many boxes you have. We’ll send you some courier labels to stick to the boxes and then the driver will be along within 2 days to come and collect them. We send them onto our recycling depot to be broken down into parts to be reused, either as new recycled toner cartridges or to make other products.

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Fulfil your Duty of Care

‘Duty of Care’ says all organisations need to take reasonable steps to ensure waste is kept safe, and as toner cartridges are classed as ‘controlled waste’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, if you give waste to someone else, you must be sure they are authorised to take it and can transport, recycle or dispose of it safely. Controlled waste is defined as commercial, industrial or household waste from office, university, school, house, hospital, shop, factory or any trade or business. It does not have to be hazardous or toxic to be controlled waste, and any waste operator collecting controlled waste must have a current Environment Agency Licence.

The couriers we use to collect the toners and ink cartridges carry all the required waste carrier licences, and our printer toner recycling partners are licenced with the Environment Agency to recover & handle both waste used toner cartridges, as well as unused toner cartridges.

How Your Printer Toner Cartridges are Reused

Once your toner cartridges are collected by our couriers, who hold all the relevant Waste Transfer licenses (available upon request) we transport the printer toners back to our holding warehouse, where they are manually sorted into categories – those that can be used as complete toner cartridges are sent straight back to the manufacturers as they are, to be reused and recycled as remanufactured toners, those where certain parts can be reused are sent back to the manufacturers to be made into new, remanufactured ink toners, and those which are damaged or unusable which are sent to a UK plastic recycling plant, where they are melted down and then sent off to be remanufactured into new product, such as casings for pens.Less than 1% of all the ink cartridges we collect from our clients is wasted or sent to landfill.

Key Printer Toner Cartridge Statistics

65 million printer toner cartridges are sold in the UK every year. However, it’s estimated that only 15% of them are reused or recycled. This means that only around 10 million toner cartridges are being reused or recycled, and the remaining 55 million are ending up in landfill. Our recycling partners ensure that over 85% of what is collected each month is remanufactured to help provide cost effective, compatible toner cartridges. Less than 1% of all items cannot be remanufactured or recycled due to damage or defect, so these are broken down and reused to make new life products, offering a closed look solution.

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Printer Toners Recycling and the Environment

Whenever a brand new toner ink cartridge is manufactured it uses natural resources from the planet, and compared to recycled toners, uses up to 80% more energy during the production process and up to 5 litres of oil to make the plastic it is made from.

The aluminium and copper are also mined and refined for each brand new ink cartridge, so we end up using fresh materials where using recycled parts would reduce the need to do so. Dumping the used toners also adds to pollution – the ink and plastics in each toner cartridge can take up to 1000 years to break down and toner powder left inside them can drain out into the surrounding land and cause further pollution.

So wherever we can use recycled plastics we can do our bit to protect our natural resources, avoid excess production and reduce harmful emission, as well as protect our environment. By the same token sending our used toner cartridges off to be recycled rather than to landfill helps to provide the materials to drive the move away from brand new ink cartridge production

Types of toner cartridge we recycle

We recycle original toners as well as compatible toners from all the major printer and photocopier manufacturers in the UK, including:
Konica Minolta
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